Jan Schulte
Watertown, MA


How does it feel when you think about learning? Does it feel pleasant, or does it make you uncomfortable?

Does it feel tedious?
Does learning feel like a lot of work?
Does learning come with a lot of obstacles?

That’s how I felt during school. Only when I started with software development, my mindset changed.
It paved the road for learning how to learn.

Over time, I realized the enormous value of this skill and how it enabled my professional success.

21 Lessons investigates what it takes to build the learning skill and how to become a software developer, backed by my personal experiences as a software developer and teacher.


Teaching others the foundations of software development has been a big part of who I am. Here are some milestones:

Coach at Rails Girls Berlin
(2013 – 2019)

Mentoring the RubySeeds Learning Group
(2014- 2017)

Mentoring various University Learning Groups
(2015 – 2017)

Introduction to Web Development at Watertown Free Public Library
(02/2020 – 04/2020)

HTML and CSS Introduction at Watertown Free Public Library
(06/2020 – 07/2020)

Side Projects

avmManages Ruby and Node.js VersionsRusthttps://github.com/schultyy/avm
semantic-rsAutomates semantic versioning for Rust librariesRusthttps://github.com/semantic-rs/semantic-rs
spreadsheetA basic spreadsheet implementation with JavaScript and ReactJavaScript + Reacthttps://github.com/schultyy/spreadsheet
Mustache.exA Mustache implementation in ElixirElixirhttps://github.com/schultyy/Mustache.ex
Better SEOA SEO Plugin for VSCodeTypeScripthttps://github.com/schultyy/better-seo
A curated selection of side projects