How does it feel when you think about learning? Does it feel pleasant, or does it make you uncomfortable?

Does it feel tedious?
Does learning feel like a lot of work?
Does learning come with a lot of obstacles?

That’s how I felt during school. Only when I started with software development, my mindset changed.
It paved the road for learning how to learn.

Over time, I realized the enormous value of this skill and how it enabled my professional success.

21 Lessons investigates what it takes to build the learning skill and how to become a software developer, backed by my personal experiences as a software developer and teacher.


Teaching others the foundations of software development has been a big part of who I am. Here are some milestones:

Coach at Rails Girls Berlin
(2013 – 2019)

Mentoring the RubySeeds Learning Group
(2014- 2017)

Mentoring various University Learning Groups
(2015 – 2017)

Introduction to Web Development at Watertown Free Public Library
(02/2020 – 04/2020)

HTML and CSS Introduction at Watertown Free Public Library
(06/2020 – 07/2020)

Side Projects

avmManages Ruby and Node.js VersionsRusthttps://github.com/schultyy/avm
semantic-rsAutomates semantic versioning for Rust librariesRusthttps://github.com/semantic-rs/semantic-rs
spreadsheetA basic spreadsheet implementation with JavaScript and ReactJavaScript + Reacthttps://github.com/schultyy/spreadsheet
Mustache.exA Mustache implementation in ElixirElixirhttps://github.com/schultyy/Mustache.ex
Better SEOA SEO Plugin for VSCodeTypeScripthttps://github.com/schultyy/better-seo
A curated selection of side projects