Roll The Dice on a Deal?

Most salespeople get commissions on deals they've closed. But how could they earn a reliable income when closing a sale is up to chance? Sometimes the customer says yes, and sometimes they don't. It seems very adventurous. After some research and conversations with other salespeople I learned, it's not up to chance, and there's more… Continue reading Roll The Dice on a Deal?

Do you know what it takes to sell?

What attributes should a good salesperson have? I've been wondering about that right from the beginning. It turns out that learning about Sales never stops, even when I am already two years into the job. Before I started to sell actively, I always thought about salespeople as those who are only after their commission checks… Continue reading Do you know what it takes to sell?

How You Become a Salesperson

Selling is a core competency in the 21st century. Let's explore what it takes to become a salesperson. I learned Sales gradually, taught to me by great mentors, and through learning-by-doing. The foundation for an exceptional Sales Career is the right mindset.Initially, I thought that a typical day as a Salesperson would consist of writing… Continue reading How You Become a Salesperson