Do You Know Your Customer’s Motives?

When you sell products and services online, you have a website through which customers can get in touch with you and directly purchase.

Especially during times like these where there’s a global pandemic ongoing that restricts many things in our daily lives, online business becomes more important. But a lot of websites and online shops don’t perform as well as they could.

In general, every product and service needs a tailored sales strategy. You wouldn’t want to use the same process and copy to sell a car on an online video course.

Usually, with cars, you have test drives and financing. An online video course might offer one or two videos for free and check out using a credit card.

But also, each product addresses different needs and motives. For instance, an insurance or extended warranty for a car gives me the protection and reassurance that expensive repairs are covered.

On the other hand, an online video course provides me with this feeling of progress, self-development, and performance. Both products address different needs and motives.

This focus influences your entire sales and marketing strategy.

A product that addresses security and protection requires a soft tone. Call to Actions like “Buy this here now,” “Book now in the next 2 minutes,” won’t help because the prospect already deals with higher Cortisol levels. Pushy CTAs increase stress and have them leave. Instead, welcome them, provide information, and a good feeling that they’re safe with you and your products. Your benefits should focus on avoiding negative situations like: “With this additional warranty, you are protected if the expensive repair on the brakes or the engine has to get done.”

On the other hand, a video course that emphasizes performance and personal success requires the exact opposite. Here, prospective customers need this push. That includes your website pictures, CTAs, as well as website copy. Call to Actions could look like this: “Yes, I want to increase my performance now,” “I want to learn new techniques.”

Your benefits always argue in the way of achieving something, such as “Increase your monthly revenue 2x with this new technique” or “Learn how to sell successfully with these five tips and tricks.”

These are two examples of applied sales psychology techniques. I am a specialist in B2B Sales, leveraging Sales Psychology, to sell more effectively.

Do you think that your website could sell better? Would you like to address your target audience more effectively?

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