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Web Development is such a vast field. It’s incredible to see what you can do with a browser today. Every day, our browsers become more powerful, allow us to watch videos without installing plugins, let us experience virtual reality and so much more.

But where do you find answers to all your questions around it? The universal answer to that is probably Google. Searching for topics like “CSS layout” will yield thousands of results. What are the search results you should look at?

I learned a lot of this the hard way by Trial and Error. To save you the time of jumping through the same hoops as I did, here’s my shortlist of top web development resources:

CSS Tricks –

I only discovered this a few months ago, but their content is excellent. The first article I ever read on their site was about Flexbox. Before, I had no real clue about it but mastered it quickly after I had finished reading.

MDN / Mozilla Developer Network –

MDN is one of the most vast resources on web development on the internet. There are a lot of articles on JavaScript, HTML and CSS. MDN is especially helpful to look up how a certain style works or if it is supported in all browsers.

Can I Use? –

Since web browsers exist they always differed in supported features for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The situation has improved a lot over the years (looking at you, Microsoft), but since all three technologies are constantly worked on it makes total sense to check if a certain feature is present in all major browsers.

Stack Overflow –

Stack Overflow is a bit of a joker. If you haven’t looked at it yet, Stack Overflow is basically a very large forum for all things tech. Whenever somebody runs into a situation they don’t know how to solve or they try to establish what the best practice is, StackOverflow will have an answer. The biggest advantage is that people can up and downvote answers which helps a lot to put them into perspective.

What do you think? Do you have more links that should be on this list? Comment below with your short list!

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