How More Customers Will Listen To Your Offer

Maybe you noticed this too, the lead you’re talking to is not interested in buying anything from you. In fact, they might not even be talking to you in the first place. Or they interested at first but then walk away? 

Either way, it’s super frustrating. 

Let me ask you this: Isn’t it important to talk to leads and prospects who are interested in buying from you? Otherwise it’s a waste of time for all participants.

So, why is it that they don’t want to talk? 

It’s likely you are solving a problem they are not aware of. For instance, they might not know that they need support from a software developer agency or Freelance developer. Everything’s working so far, there’s no need for them to hire somebody.

If you are solving a problem your customers are not aware of, you need to talk to them in a different way. 

Instead of starting with the solution “I offer Search Consulting”, or “I am Freelance React Developer”, start with a problem.

“Maybe you’ve noticed this too, you need to implement Search capabilities, but your developers struggle a lot to get it done.” 

“Is JavaScript a challenge for you? Is it difficult and time consuming to deliver a React or Angular application to your users?” 

Start with a question to raise your customer’s awareness of a possible problem. “Yes, actually, since you mention it, we’re struggling with JavaScript a lot lately because …”. “Oh yes, implementing search has always been a stretch for the team”. 

Ask a question that raises their awareness for possible problems in their workflows. They should be able to relate to it. 

You got the attention of your customer. Now, make your offer. But instead of just saying “Hire me, I’ll fix it / I can do it better”, start by focusing on what makes you special. What makes you stand out from the crowd? What are the benefits of working with you?

“I know it’s challenging to deliver a sophisticated JavaScript application. I got five years of experience with React and Angular and know the Gotchas. I’ll join the team for two months, helping with the most challenging tasks but also provide you with an outside perspective on your current process to find out where we can improve things.

Let’s do a test day so we all get to know each other and decide how to move forward. How does that sound?”

The last part sets a Call to Action. The Call to Action tells the customer what to do. Should they book you right away? Should they request a quote? You need to ask for it. 

Did this provide new insights? This is a method leveraging Sales Psychology to communicate more effectively with your customers. Are you interested in learning more? Make sure to subscribe to this blog and get in touch via for an individual training.

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