On Demand Web Development

..And Why should you care?

Do you know this too, you want to get started on a new project and first of all, all the tools need to get installed on the computer? Or all you have is an iPad with a browser right now. Then, in-browser development environments will come in handy.
I want to introduce you to two in-browser development environments that remove friction and enable you to focus on your work!

The first one is Codepen. I’ve learned about it from fellow web developers who use it to quickly test some CSS or JavaScript without too much boilerplate and setup around it.
I remember a case at work when my coworker and I needed to create some styles for a button on a form that were quite elaborate and we didn’t want to install the entire project first but wanted to get down to it right away. Codepen to the rescue! We could develop the styles in a clean environment on Codepen and then move them over to the actual project.

Using Codepen for some quick coding

Another great tool for some bigger projects is glitch.com. I’m currently using Glitch for the programming classes I’m giving at the local library. It provides a full web development environment in the browser. The advantage here is that everybody just needs a browser on their device to get started. No additional installation required.

Using glitch.com for a new website project

Both tools allow you to export your projects to your local machine so you can continue working on them even when there’s no Internet connection. Since I started giving classes I’m definitely a fan of both!

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