Sales as a Core Competency in your Company

Currently, you might not be actively selling (as in approaching leads). Or the product sells itself right now (people get in touch with you and buy). 

You feel weird about cold-calling, approaching strangers about your offerings. It’s a valid concern. 

When you look at your current customer base and revenues: Can you predict when you make a sale? Can you be confident if somebody will follow through with the purchase? 

If you don’t have Sales People on staff, this is a challenge. Why should you care, though?

For starters, you might need to plan revenue for the next few months, to hire a new employee, or invest in that new project you’ve been anxious to kick off.

Whatever the motivation is in the end, you need to predict incoming revenue. And for that, you need to sell. As always, there are multiple approaches to this.

As a starting point, you can start to work off all inbound sales inquiries. Your Advantage: No cold outreach to anyone. You focus solely on incoming requests and work them off. 

You increase your odds of closing deals with a well-defined sales process. A sales process helps you confidently walk a prospect through each step and increase the chance to become a paying customer.

It still might not allow you to increase revenue as you need it, but you can more effectively predict incoming revenue. This circumstance is already worth a lot because it provides you with a lot more financial stability. 

Another circumstance should also make this process more comfortable for you: You are already selling to those who gave you permission. You are allowed to sell. These prospects got in touch with you because they need something from you. Now it’s on you to professionally handle the request and walk them through the process.

With this approach, you’re slowly building Sales Competency in your organization for a more stable revenue foundation.

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