What Should You Do When a Customer Raises Objections During a Sales Call?

First of all, keep calm. Objections during sales calls can seem intimidating at first, especially when you’re not prepared for them. The customer is interested in buying from you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bring up the steep price, your experience level, or that they already use a competitor.  If they weren’t interested, they would have told…

Competing on Technology Is Never a Good Idea

You might not want to know this, but competing on specific technologies will lead to competing on price. Both is not a good idea.
Let’s talk about how to compete effectively

The Real Job Of Sales

Sales is not just there to drive up revenue.
That’s just the byproduct of the Sales Department’s actual job.

Roll The Dice on a Deal?

Most salespeople get commissions on deals they’ve closed. But how could they earn a reliable income when closing a sale is up to chance? Sometimes the customer says yes, and sometimes they don’t. It seems very adventurous. After some research and conversations with other salespeople I learned, it’s not up to chance, and there’s more…