Three Steps to Improve Your Learning Experience

Do you know this feeling that learning this new programming language is a tedious process?

I’ve been there too in the past and I want to share three key points of what I have learned.

Repeat what you have learned

No matter if it’s a new programming language, design pattern or library, keep working on it. The more you practice the steps you just have learned the better and more confident you will get at it.

Learn from different Sources

Often, it helps to buy a second book about this programming language or watch YouTube videos from a different creator as well on this new framework to get a more coherent picture on it.
That can include to learn about completely new ways to apply this programming language or features of this framework you didn’t know about before.


When you learn something new, you need to be consistent with it. That applies to everything but especially programming. Writing production-ready code requires a lot of practice and knowledge. The only way to get both is to show up every day and learn. For how long and if in the morning or evening, that depends on your personal preferences, but it’s important that you do it.
With consistently showing up for learning you build muscle memory, learn how to retrieve the knowledge from memory and apply it in new ways.

I am curious to hear about your experience on this. What did you achieve?

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