What Should You Do When a Customer Raises Objections During a Sales Call?

First of all, keep calm. Objections during sales calls can seem intimidating at first, especially when you’re not prepared for them.

The customer is interested in buying from you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bring up the steep price, your experience level, or that they already use a competitor. 

If they weren’t interested, they would have told you No right away.

Therefore, if they object in any way, acknowledge it and respond. 

Objection Handling Strategy: Ask clarifying questions

For instance, “Why do you think the price is too steep? What price did you have in mind?”

Questions open the mind. You keep the conversation going but also learn more about the underlying motives. 

When you’re selling training and charge $2000, but the customer was planning to spend $500 at maximum, the perceived value is different. 

Take a step back and explain why you think it’s worth $2000 or how this investment will repay.

Objection Handling Strategy: Reply with a statement

For instance, the customer has said something like, “Your consulting offer is interesting, but I’m not sure if it’ll yield results because you’re only in your early twenties.”

You counter with, “I’m in my early twenties. Therefore I have a different view on the world and provide you with strategies tailored toward Gen Y and Z.”

Objection Handling Strategy: Prepare responses

The majority of objections from prospects and customers are very similar. Prospects may say things like:

👤 “It’s too expensive.”

👤 “You don’t seem to have enough experience.”

👤  “We already use competitor X.”

👤  “Why should I buy from you over X?”

When there’s so much repetition, you can prepare an answer and strategy for all of them. Whenever a prospect objects, collect them on your list, and after the call, come up with one or more responses.

It’s too expensiveWhy do you think that way?You need to invest in your business
The cost is too highIt’s not a cost; it’s an investment. Let’s talk about why investing in your business is important
You don’t seem to have enough experienceI might not have the ten years of experience; on the other hand, I provide you with a fresh outside perspective on things.
Prepare your responses to common sales objections

When a prospect could throw you off with objections before, now you’re projecting self-confidence because you know what to say. Additionally, an objection is not a definite No. It’s a feeling or concern you need to address to clear the path for the sale.

Now I am curious to hear from you, how you will handle objections next time a customer brings them up in a call.

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