Competing on Technology Is Never a Good Idea

You might not want to know this, but competing on specific technologies will lead to competing on price. Both is not a good idea.
Let’s talk about how to compete effectively

The Real Job Of Sales

Sales is not just there to drive up revenue.
That’s just the byproduct of the Sales Department’s actual job.

The customer and boring tech

For a long time, I really hated on Ruby on Rails. It did too many things, too much magic, not following idioms, etc. From a developer perspective, these were all valid points. If I was to come up with a solution that’s abstracted in a better way, has less magic, then it’d be more valuable…

Software Development as Core Competency

2020 is a lot. For over six months now, we’ve been changing and adapting to get through this pandemic. We’re wearing masks, keep distance to other people, and figure out the new normal as we go.
It’s not just our personal lives where we need to adapt, but also our business world. Suddenly, we can’t go to stores anymore, and in-person services become challenging or impossible. This situation forces many businesses to overthink their strategy.