Learn Vim in 2020 From The Ground Up

At user groups and in online communities they keep talking about Vim and how cool it is to use this text editor. Let’s explore what all the Fuzz is about.

create-react-app With WSL

I’m using WSL on Windows for almost all my programming projects. The other day, I wanted to work on a React project again I hadn’t spent time on for a while. I had created the project with create-react-app initially. I checked out the source code, ran npm install, npm start and started to write code….

What is SSH?

Four resources that will help you to learn about SSH and how to use it

What is SSH Agent Forwarding?

SSH Agent Forwarding allows us to forward our local key when we’re logged in on a remote server without copying it off of the local machine.

Build a mental model for software development

When you join the software developer community, it’s a bit like coming to a new country where everyone speaks a different language. “Yeah, let’s deploy this”, “Let’s containerize this”, “We need a HA deployment for this solution here”, and on and on. And it doesn’t stop there. There are so many languages, frameworks, tools and…